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Until relatively recently members of the public could only instruct a barrister if they went to see a solicitor first. Having to instruct both a solicitor and a barrister could be very expensive. This restriction has now been removed. In most cases, a member of the public can now directly instruct a barrister without the need to instruct a solicitor first.


At 1 Garden Court we have a commitment to access to justice. We have written a book to assist those who represent themselves in family proceedings. We also believe that a thriving public access team is an essential part of a commitment to promote efficient access to justice. We recognise that without public access many people would be unable to afford expert advice and representation in court. We also recognise that some people simply and understandably wish to take steps to reduce their legal fees. Whatever the reasons for instructing us on a public access basis, our aim is to make the process as simple as we can for you.


The potential benefits of instructing us directly are numerous including:  

  • Significantly reducing your legal costs
  • Giving you greater control over your case
  • Obtaining first hand advice and guidance from a barrister
  • Increasing your prospects of an earlier beneficial settlement


If you instruct us directly, we can give you advice, draft documents on your behalf and represent you in court.


The ‘Our work’ section identifies the areas in which we work and how we can help you.


The ‘How to instruct us’ section explains how easy it is to directly instruct a barrister. Further guidance on the public access scheme can be found by clicking this Bar Standards Board link (


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